International Business Development

International business development When we lead processes of growth for our clients, we devote a significant period of time to conducting an in-depth examination of the relationship that the company maintains with the international market alongside an in-depth examination of opportunities and growth possibilities that the international market may offer the company. Naturally, the variety …

Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects

In 2017, Brigadier General Avi Peled established the Peledaviron Ltd., a company that has become one of the leading companies in the field of infrastructure, development, asphalt, waste and recycling. The company specializes in initiating, monitoring and executing complex projects in all areas of infrastructure, and carries out large projects around the world, with special emphasis on the Indian market.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace industry

t PELEDAVIRON Ltd., we understand that the aerospace industry is the pinnacle of human engineering and innovation. Our role in this cutting-edge sector is crucial, and we take it with the seriousness it deserves.

As a leading company in the procurement of raw materials for the aerospace industry, we are dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality materials that meet the stringent standards of this high-tech field.