Welcome to Peledaviron, Your Exclusive Gateway to Thriving Business Partnerships in the Middle East and India!

At Peledaviron we specialize in exclusively representing Israeli and Indian businesses, serving as the definitive bridge for enterprises seeking expansion, collaboration, and success in these dynamic regions. With a particular emphasis on fostering connections with Israeli defense companies, we bring a unique and strategic advantage to our clients, ensuring unparalleled access to a network of industry leaders.


Meet Our Visionary Leadership Team:


Brigadier (Reserves) Avi Peled – CEO:

A distinguished military leader, Brigadier (Reserves) Avi Peled, not only brings a wealth of experience and strategic acumen to our organization but is also a visionary entrepreneur. Brigadier Peled initiated an astaxanthin farm, showcasing his innovative thinking and ability to venture into cutting-edge industries. Furthermore, he has set up a company dedicated to transforming waste and biohazards into energy, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable solutions. His multifaceted leadership, combined with his role as the former Defense Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Delhi, uniquely positions us to navigate the nuances of cross-cultural business endeavors.


Guy Peled – COO:

Our Chief Operating Officer, Guy Peled, is not only a successful realtor with a background in urban renewal but also excels in marketing strategies. His proven track record in real estate is complemented by a keen understanding of effective marketing techniques, ensuring a holistic approach to business development. Guy Peled brings a dynamic perspective to our leadership team, having successfully established an astaxanthin farm, showcasing his commitment to innovation in agriculture and sustainability.


 Why Choose Peledaviron?


1.⁠ ⁠Exclusivity: Partner with us and benefit from our exclusive representation of companies, ensuring a focused and dedicated approach to your business needs.


2.⁠ ⁠Strategic Partnerships: Leverage our vast network and deep-rooted connections, particularly with Israeli defense companies, to forge exclusive and strategic partnerships that transcend borders.


3.⁠ ⁠Geopolitical Expertise: Benefit from our CEO’s firsthand experience in commanding brigades and territories, coupled with his role as the Defense Attaché in Delhi, providing a unique understanding of the Israeli-Indian landscape.


4.Holistic Real Estate & Marketing Solutions: Whether investing, developing, or navigating urban renewal, our COO, Guy Peled, ensures exclusive, comprehensive solutions in real estate and marketing, tailored to your needs.


5.⁠ ⁠Innovation and Sustainability: Align with a company whose CEO, Brigadier Peled, has a proven track record of initiating groundbreaking ventures such as an astaxanthin farm and waste-to-energy projects, showcasing a commitment to innovation and sustainability.


6.⁠ ⁠Proven Success: Join hands with a company that has a track record of exclusively representing successful collaborations and ventures, driving growth and profitability for our clients.


Embark on an exclusive journey of growth and prosperity with Peledaviron. Together, let’s transcend boundaries, capitalize on opportunities, and build a legacy of success in the heart of the Middle East and the thriving Indian market.


Contact us today to explore the boundless possibilities that await your business!

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