About us

Avi holds several key positions in various companies. It operates in the world of innovation in the fields of energy and marine agriculture. He works in the real estate and properties sector and manages a leading company that provides services in the field of transportation. In addition, he is working on medical Cannabis projects, developing CBD and Algae products and planning to establish Medical Cannabis farm and factory in India.

Avi has over 29 years of military, Security and International Cooperation experience.
He served as Infantry Brigade Commander and Special Forces Unit Commander at the Israeli Defence Forces. In addition, he was a cadet in the Indian National Defence College, the Israeli Defence Attaché to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka and the Head of the IDF International Cooperation Division.

Avi has professional experience in Management, Establishment of new facilities and units, Counter Terrorism, Home Land Security, International environment and had worldwide connections.

Avi has B.A Degree in Political Science and the Middle East from the Hebrew University Jerusalem Israel. M.A Degree in Strategy and National Security from Haifa University.
M. Philosophy in Strategy and National Security from Madras University India.